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The Skilled Recognized Graduate 476 Visa allows engineering graduates get jobs and gain experience in Australia. One must be thirty-one years of age or below before he or she can apply. It could take up to three or four months to process this Visa, and a fee has to be paid, but if successful, it is an opportunity for one to start an incredible career in Australia. Questions are being asked all the time about this Visa, below are things you should know about it. out it.

Temporary Visa

This visa is given to engineers who have bachelors, masters, doctorate or postgraduate diploma in engineering, who are willing and ready to work and gain experience in Australia. This visa is valid for only eighteen months after which one might be required to leave the country, to avoid being arrested.

Post Graduate Visa

You must have graduated from the department of engineering, from a recognized international institution under the Washington accord.


  1. You have to speak perfect English: Except you are from United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America or the Republic of Ireland, you need to write a test to certify that you can speak the English language fluently. Some exams or tests that can certify you are IELTS Academic, OET, TOEFL, and Cambridge.
  2. You must meet the character requirement: Because you aren’t a citizen of Australia, you have to prove that you are of good behavior and that you don’t have any criminal record in the past. You have to provide a police report from your country stating clearly that you don’t have a criminal record and you have been of good character and reputation.
  3. Get the best health insurance: When granting you need to get a very good health insurance company to make sure you meet the requirements of the 476 Visa.
You are not eligible for permanent residency on 476 Visa: It is a temporary Visa and cannot be extended, but if you want permanent residency, you can try through other ways such as the Knowing all the things listed above will help you decide what to do to move forward after getting this Visa. It allows you to try for permanent residency while working in Australia. Sometimes there might be the delay in getting the response after applying, but there are several reasons why it happens. It could be that some documents were not sent on time, a lot of application to attend to and not making the required payments. When experiencing these things the best thing to do is reach out to experts for assistance. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters and blogs to get more information and updates about Immigration. We also assist with the hassle-free and quick visa and immigration process.

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