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In 2018, 310,000 people move to Canada.  We present the reasons that made this possible.

  • It’s safe
  • It has great immigration programs
  • It has a free public schooling system for all residents
  • It has fantastic job opportunities
  • It believes in freedom
  • Great economic opportunity
  • No religious or political persecution
  • Public healthcare is free
  • It has some of the top universities in the world
  • Become a Canadian citizen within 3 years
  • Bring your family with you to Canada
  • It’s multicultural and welcoming to newcomers
  • Business opportunities for investors and new business owners
Canada is a Safe Place to live People do not need to worry about crimes. They can go out at night with their family members.  As per the Global Peace Index Canada is a safe place to live and occupies the number six position. The crime rate is Low, there is a safe environment, and the government believes in peaceful living. The cities have natural beauty and offer the best in life. There are technological hubs also. Canada also has a big and growing job market. Canada intends to invite 1.3 Million Immigrants in the future Canada has over 70 visa options for helping the immigrants to arrive. Currently, different provinces/territories present immigration options to boost its immigration targets every year. Additionally, there are many sponsorship programs, for the benefit of the family. There are certain visas designed for specific jobs such as:
  • Saskatchewan Occupations in Demand
  • Alberta Self Employed Farmer;
  • BC Express Entry for Skilled Workers;
  • Manitoba Business Investor Entrepreneur;
  • Ontario Ph.D. Graduates;
  • Ontario Human Capital Priorities Federal Skilled Workers
  • Nova Scotia Physician Stream;
  • New Brunswick Express Entry Labor Market;
  • Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Skilled Worker stream
These visa programs have a goal to attract more people to apply than ever before. Free Public Schooling A Canadian resident has the benefit of his/her children to get access to free public education from five years to 19 years, depending on the province/territory. Approximately there are 15,500 elementary/secondary schools in Canada. Great Job Opportunities Also, Canada has a very low unemployment rate. Moreover, there is a steady growth in the elderly population, residents reach the retirement age early and leave the workforce. Furthermore, this offers more chances for youths to get a dream job. In Canada, one can immigrate to the country without having a job offer. The salaries in certain jobs increase at an exponential rate. Freedom Canada accommodates different political and religious views. There is a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, where all residents/citizens are treated equally. Moreover, there is protection against discrimination in all forms. Canada celebrates its freedom and aims to create an egalitarian society for all to prosper. Booming Economy Canada is a strong G7 economy, together with the U.S.A, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, and the U.K. Additionally, it is home to industries in aerospace development, technology, agriculture, and industrial production. There is low interest and inflation rate and residents can afford to buy a home. No Persecution The legally elected government Canada believes in fair laws and fine systems to protect the population. Furthermore, the criminal justice system works on the principles allowing impartial judgment of individuals without interference from the third parties. Canada does not persecute a person for political ideologies or religious beliefs. Also, it is one of the low corrupt places in the world as per the Corruption Perceptions Index in 2018. Public Health is Free Public healthcare in Canada is free for all residents/citizens. Canadians are entitled to $6,500 a year to maintain good health. People can also apply for medical aid after obtaining the Health Insurance Card. Additionally, the salary in medical positions is high. Top Universities in the World Canada is proud to have four of the top universities in the world. It is an ideal place to further the education having top educational standards. There are 95 universities in Canada, with a great curriculum, fine campus life, and several opportunities. The students completing their studies in the Canadian university can apply for obtaining the post-graduation work permit. It serves as a key to seeking permanent residency through these programs:
  • Alberta Employer Stream for International Graduates;
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Strategic Recruitment Stream for Post Graduate Workers;
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program;
  • BC SI International Graduate Category;
  • BC PNP EE International Graduate;
  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream;
  • Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry;
  • Ontario International Student with a Job Offer Stream;
  • Ontario International Student Ph.D. Graduate Stream;
  • PEI PNP Labor Impact Category for International Graduates;
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Experience Category for Students; and
  • Quebec Experience Class
Becoming a Canadian Citizen is easy Canada seeks many temporary workers; and also citizens from all parts of the world. It offers simple requirements o apply and become a citizen. The C6 Bill was introduced in 2017 making it easy to apply for citizenship for immigrants. Applicants living in the country for three years in five years qualify. Bring Your Family with You This country firmly believes in the reunification of all family members. There is a popular Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program attracting many applicants. It allows permanent residents/citizens to sponsor parents/grandparents to live in the country. Also, there is a Sponsorship program for sponsoring close family members. Canada has a plan to invite 68,000 applicants through these programs in 2019. Multicultural country Canada was created and 23% of its population comprises of immigrants. In Toronto, half of the population belongs to immigrants. Offers Opportunities for Investors/Business Owners There is a growing workforce and an abundance of natural resources. Moreover, there are excellent programs for entrepreneurs and business owners. Canada aims to attract skilled and experienced business owners to make it big in a new industry and achieve success.  Also, it has lowered the net worth of applicants to $300,000 and an investment of $100,000. The Investor and Entrepreneur Visa Programs are:
  • BC Entrepreneur Immigration Program;
  • PEI 100% Ownership Stream;
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program Entrepreneur Stream;
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Entrepreneur Stream; and
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program
Also some cities have a low business tax. With these options you can make it home at the earliest.

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