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Presently, in Canada, There is a trend in jobs showing more vacancies than the workers? On the one hand, there are labor market shortages and on the other, the need for immigrants to take up jobs is increasing. It is evident in 12 of the 13 provinces/territories.

The statistics

By December 2018, the nationwide vacancies had increased by 16%. The unemployment rate in the country was 5.8%. The federal government in Canada has a plan to introduce a million immigrants in the workforce in the next three years. Statistics also reveal that there is an increasing vacancy in Canada in the healthcare sector. Also, there is a lot of demand in various fields in Canada for the unskilled as well as professionals. Immigrants can lead a good life having an average annual salary of $50, 000.

Provincial Shortages

Furthermore, the Provincial Nominee Programs address specific concerns in diverse fields where the locals cannot fill the jobs. Additionally, the Applicants must settle in the province offering the stream but need not live there for an indefinite period after achieving permanent residence. We also provide a list for the Candidates of the streams, totally dedicated to a single sector that has a good demand.
Prince Edward Island
PEI has a good population. It offers the Labor Impact Category specifically targeting occupation like labor, truck driving, customer services, housekeeping, and hospitality. This is fine for unskilled and semi-skilled persons. The average salary in these occupations is $30, 000.
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia also has many unfilled vacancies in December 2018. It also offers the Physician Stream which attracts general practitioners, family physicians, and specialists. Moreover, healthcare is a primary need of the country. The average annual salary for healthcare professionals is in the range of $75, 000 - $130, 000.
Saskatchewan critically lacks in some specific occupations like the long-haul truck driving. There is a Project for Long-haul Truck Drivers to help in bringing drivers. The average salary here is $ 60000-80, 000.
British Columbia
British Columbia had an increase of 16, 000 vacancies in comparison to the previous year. It offers a Category for Healthcare Professionals which includes nurses and allied health professionals. The average salary here is $75-130, 000.
Express Entry
The system of Express Entry commenced in 2015. The aim was to quicken the immigration process and manage federal programs. These were the:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
Skilled occupations of this program get the classification of o, A and B categories in the National Occupation Classification system used by the government for addressing the concerns of the labor market. The occupations having many vacancies are in the skilled positions and trades like administrative support, healthcare, caretaking, and construction.
The requirements
Applicants have to create an online profile in the Express Entry system. This profile gets a score as per the Comprehensive Ranking System. The points help in immigration by determining the best candidates entering the EE pool. Draws generally happen every two weeks, and a minimum cut-off score exists. The factors influencing the CRS are Age, Canada Level Benchmark proficiency in English or French, Education attained inside and outside Canada, as also the Work Experience attained inside and outside Canada. The other factors are Arranged employment, the presence of Provincial Nomination achieved, Siblings living in the country as permanent residents or citizens and the profile of the spouse. You can contact us for any details.

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