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Canada offers a great opportunity to an engineer duly recognizing the skills. There are many ways to apply as a skilled worker on a fast-track basis or even in the traditional pathways. The federal government plans to invite a million workers into the workforce in the next three years, for growing the local economy. The earning can be $300, 000 per year in the capacity of the senior engineer in Canada.

Working as an Engineer

In many sectors, Engineers are indispensable for Canada. Many vacancies presently are not being filled by the local workers owing to a lack of skills. Canadian employers agree to pay a high salary to the occupations that have a good demand. There are opportunities in the field of civil, computer, chemical, and electrical engineering. The annual emoluments are $50, 000 at the entry-level worker and $300, 000 at the senior level. Moreover, starting a career in Canada can make a huge difference in the earnings in the future. Other benefits include free education and free public healthcare. Engineers can also select the provinces/territories for settling because there is a demand for engineers in many streams.

Programs Available

The applicants can enter the process through the PNP streams or also in the Express Entry system which offers a fast-track for applications. There are two paths and the PNP streams are under the jurisdiction of Express Entry. Moreover, the candidates in the EE can also apply to seek the Provincial Nomination.

Provincial Nominee Program

There are provinces and territories that offer numerous streams for skilled workers where the engineers can apply.

PNP Streams Open to Engineers


Programs For Engineers Average Salary P.A.


Alberta Opportunity Stream (NOC: 0211 - Engineering managers; 2131 - Civil Engineers; 2132 - Mechanical Engineers; 2133 - Electrical & Electronic Engineers; 2231 - Civil Engineering Technologists & Technicians) Alberta Express Entry Stream $150,000
  British Columbia BC PNP Tech Pilot (NOC: 2131 - Civil Engineers; 2132 - Mechanical Engineers; 2133 - Electrical & Electronics Engineers; 2134 - Chemical Engineers; 2147 - Computer Engineers) Express Entry British Columbia


  Ontario Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream In-Demand Skills Stream




Skilled Worker in Manitoba (NOC: 0211 - Engineering Managers; 2131 - Civil Engineers; 2132 - Mechanical Engineers; 2133 - Electrical & Electronics Engineers; 2141 - Industrial & Manufacturing Engineers; 2147 - Computer Engineers) Skilled Worker Overseas $65,000
  New Brunswick

Express Entry Labor Market Stream

Skilled Workers with Employer Support


Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker Skilled Worker Category $60,000
  Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry (NOC: 2131 - Civil Engineers) Nova Scotia Express Entry Labor Market Priorities Skilled Worker Stream (Skilled Workers Pathway)



Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories — Express Entry Stream Skilled Worker Stream Critical Impact Worker Stream $65,000
    Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker - Employment Offer International Skilled Worker - Occupations In-Demand (NOC: 7311 - Industrial Mechanics) International Skilled Worker - Saskatchewan Express Entry



Prince Edward Island

PEI PNP Express Entry Skilled Worker Stream Critical Worker Stream $45,000
  Yukon Yukon Express Entry (YEE) Skilled Worker Critical Impact Worker


Express Entry System The federal government commenced the system Express Entry in 2015 to provide a fast-track processing time (around six months) in the skilled/educated worker programs. The programs are
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program and finally
  • Canadian Experience Class.
Engineers can apply for programs that come under the Express Entry system, the FSWP. They must also create a profile (online) which will measure the education, qualifications, and other factors by using the CRS. Candidates accordingly get points and enter the EE pool. It measures the score against other candidates during the draw normally happening in two weeks. CRS Criteria It Awards Points For:
  • Language proficiency in English/French
  • Age
  • Education inside and outside Canada
  • Total Work Experience
  • Arranged employment
  • Achieving the Provincial nomination
  • Siblings living in Canada (PRs/citizens) and finally,
  • The profile of a spouse
We help the Engineers and guide them throughout the process.  With this, it will be easy for you to stand a good chance to achieve the ITA for permanent residence.

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