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The Federal Skilled Worker Program started under the Express Entry Program on January 1, 2015. Presently it is a part of the fast-track immigration process and addresses the labor shortage in Canada.  Moreover, it permits the person to live as a Canadian permanent resident if the profile is selected in the pool. This Visa caters to persons who possess the skills, qualifications and work experiences to fill skill shortages. Applicants need to show that they meet the visa requirements. The essential part here is work experience in the managerial capacity, or in a skilled occupation and also meeting the marks specified on a point basis assessment. Applicants obtain PR after attaining Success. Furthermore, they can live and work in Canada with few restrictions. Such residents are also eligible for citizenship.

PR for Skilled Workers

On the strength of work experience and education, it is easy for a skilled worker to become a PR. Many people retire annually in Canada and there is a tremendous need for skilled manpower. Canada has cultural and environmental diversity, and also provides immense opportunities. There are multicultural persons from across the world here. Its vibrant economy and booming employment sector make it a hot destination for professionals. Additionally, Canada seeks young, motivated, well-educated, skilled workers. These professionals can contribute to economic growth and adapt to the requirements of the job market.

Employment Prospects

The immigration authorities also introduce many timely reforms to make the process transparent and free of hassles. Furthermore, there is a focus on selecting skilled workers who have manageable and flexible skills, to succeed in the economy. Success in Canada depends on relevant skills, work experience and proficiency in English. The unemployment rate is very low. Additionally, the country offers a speedy Express Entry Program. Furthermore, there are Express Entry streams with a link to PNP in Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. There are the Federal Skilled Worker Program and PNPs in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. The persons who meet the CRS requirements get the work permit easily.

Professionals in High Demand

There is a great demand for all categories of Engineers, Teachers, Technicians, Professors and Lecturers, Healthcare Practitioners, Nurses, IT staff, Salesmen and Marketers, Bank staff, Accountants, Insurance staff and Adjusters, Traders in the country.

Qualifying for the Program

The eligibility norms for Skilled Worker Visa, in Express Entry, are based on these factors:
  • Skills in English or French
  • Educational qualifications;
  • Work experience;
  • Age;
  • Having a valid job offer; and
  • Finally adaptability

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant of an FSW Canada must:
  • have a year of  full time or equivalent uninterrupted work experience during the last 10 years in a skilled occupations skill category (O, A, B); or
  • have arranged employment  through a job by an employer based in Canada regarding the LMIA  criteria;
  • have completed the two-year  study course in Canada, for a Ph.D. or completed it in Canada from a recognized institution; and
  • pass the language ability test in English or French


Candidates need to first make an EOI for migrating to Canada and also opt for creating the online profile. Provide information regarding age, skills, work experience, ability in a language, educational qualifications, and other necessary details. Additionally, after confirmation of qualification, IRCC places the candidate in a pool and gives a rank in line with the CRS.

Improving CRS Ranking

Candidates having a top rank get an invitation to apply for Canadian PR when the Government conducts draws from the pool. Candidates need to improve their score to get a high rank and have a good chance to receive ITA.


The recipients of an ITA are such candidates who are selected to apply for immigration by IRCC by using the EE selection. On receiving the invitation, you also get 60 days for submitting an application form and the necessary supporting documents. This submission of application is the acceptance of invitation sent by IRCC. You also get the Acknowledgment of Receipt from IRCC. It will review the application and determine the eligibility,

Medical Examination and Checks

Medical examination includes a physical exam, which is compulsory for all applicants. It also has a blood test, urine test, and X-ray test. The reason is to know any medical conditions that present a risk to Canadian citizens.

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