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Many people inquire about the distinction between the Provincial Nomination Program and the Express Entry Skilled Worker program. The Express Entry Skilled programs are the product of the work of the central legislature in Canada. The nomination programs are supervised by the Provinces of Canada. The E.E program does not require a permanent Job offer. For the Canadian employer, the provincial and federal programs are comparable. Furthermore they need to show that there were no individuals in Canada for filling up the position that they are seeking.

Which program is suitable?
In The federal EE program   there are a few prerequisites, like an English aptitude, good education and experience in profiles. The provincial nomination is a good choice when the candidates do not have sufficient points in Express Entry. There are varied prerequisites in PNPs which keep changing with a province. Every territory has a set of unique necessities based on the work of a specific region. Additionally they offer an open door outside of the federal programs. Moreover, some candidates who fail to qualify in the federal programs successfully qualify in a province of Canada. Provinces also have a unique time for accepting applications.
Additional features
The selection criteria in EE program is based on government specifications. PNPs select foreigners depending on the criteria of local labour market and of individual areas. These are simple to meet than the government criteria. The selected person of a province/territory needs to apply to the federal government along with the nomination. The final choice lies with the federal government to give an Invitation to Apply. When the candidates opt for applying for a PR in the PNP, it takes 4 months for preparing application, and 16 months for affirming the application at the government level.
Differences between Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Express Entry Program:
The EE System is based on points and is also an online arrangement for migration by the government of Canada. It is quick in approach to get PR Status in Canada. Applicants here have to score at least 67 out of 100 points in F.S.W. Category. Additionally for getting a Canada PR through Express Entry, one has to get a CRS score of 440-450 points. In case that is not reachable they can select PNPs. Even for applying to any PNP, candidates need to make express section profile. PNPs have a subcategory or stream linked to express entry. An Express-Entry Account is essential for it.
Provincial Nomination Program
All Canadian territories and provinces have a PNP. These PNPs, select qualified foreigners for their areas. Also each PNP has a distinct procedure and a set of prerequisites. The processing for PNP is different.
Express Entry and PNP- Features For Express Entry 2019
It has a less handling time but a high score between 430 -450 in CRS is required
For PNP:
The diverse regions permit to apply for Canada PR depends on their criteria and Occupation. Finally there is a good great chance to get PR for the region if occupation is has a heavy demand. Please note that the Processing time is high around 2 years based on the demand.

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