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Industry experts in Canada feel that there is a massive job shortage in the country. Additionally, there are large vacancies in unskilled fields also. The construction sector has 38, 000 openings in, the hospitality sector has 45, 900 jobs and finally the retail sector has 50, 000 jobs. This is leading the government to advertise for jobs among the unskilled workers in Canada. Canada also has an excellent minimum wage structure and the average salary of unskilled workers exceeds $20, 000 per year. Moreover, the government has a plan to attract a million immigrants in the workforce. Hence, these positions are perfect for applying because the local persons are not interested in doing them. These unskilled and semi-skilled workers can apply for a stream in the Provincial Nominee Program. The Express Entry does not work for them because the FSWP, FTP and the CEC Class require a set of qualifications.

Explanation regarding Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominations cater to the candidates who intend to live/work in a specific province. On meeting the criteria they can apply for specific streams in each program. This will start the process of nomination and later you get the invitation to apply for permanent residence. You can also apply for the categories falling in the Express Entry system. While applying through EE first, you have to submit the Expression of Interest to the province or keep waiting to get the Notification of Interest. Additionally, upon success, you get the invitation for creating a separate application seeking the nomination. Achievement of the nomination helps to add 600 points to the profile in the EE pool which uses the Ranking System to give a score.
Presently Alberta has 33, 900 skilled and unskilled vacancies in the province. Applicants having a temporary work permit get consideration for PR under the Provincial stream if they already complete high school and also have an offer from a local employer under any of these occupations:

Semi-skilled Occupations

Food and Beverage Industry Hotel and Lodging (Hospitality) Industry Long-haul Trucking Industry Food Services Industry Manufacturing Industry
Food and Beverage Production Worker Food and Beverage Servers Long-haul truck driver Food and Beverage Servers Shipper and Receiver
Bakery Production Worker Room Attendants Food Counter Attendants Production Clerks
Food and Beverage Processing Equipment Cleaner Front Desk Agent Kitchen Helpers Other
Industrial Butchers and Meat Cutters
Poultry Production Workers
British Columbia
British Columbia has 60, 000 vacancies in the skilled and unskilled sectors. The norms to apply for PR in this stream are that the applicants should be employed full-time in an occupation on temporary work permits. The jobs mentioned below have a good demand in the province.

Entry Level + Semi-skilled Pilot Project

Food Processing Travel and Accommodation Tour and Recreational Guides & Casino Occupations Long-haul Truck Drivers Food and Beverage Service Cleaners
Process Control and Machine Operators Hotel Front Desk Clerks Tour and Travel Guides Long-haul truck driver Hostesses Light Duty Cleaners
Industrial Butchers, Meat Cutters, Poultry Preparers Outdoor Sport and Recreational Guides Bartenders Specialized Cleaners
Fish Plant Workers Casino Occupations Food and Beverage Servers Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents
Food Testers and Graders Food Counter Attendants
Food, Beverage and Tobacco Processing Kitchen Assistants
Saskatchewan has 8, 200 vacancies in the skilled and unskilled sector. The province has a focus on truck driving, food services, and hospitality. The following streams cater to these positions and also offer specific employment.

Hospitality Sector Project

It needs high school education; work in Saskatchewan for six months on temporary work-permits and finally proficiency in English. These are the occupation vacancies:
  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Housekeeping and Cleaning Staff
  • Food Counter Attendant and Kitchen Helper

Long-haul Truck Driver Project

To start working as a truck driver, on a temporary work permit, one needs a Class 1A driver’s license, and also a full-time employment offer from a trucking firm with the necessary approval. It also needs working in the province for six months. Finally, the annual wages for long-haul truck drivers are $70, 000.
Yukon has the highest job vacancy in Canada at a rate of 5.1%. There is a deficit of unskilled workers because the province has huge tourism. The Critical Impact Worker Program invites candidates to apply in the streams. The qualifying norms in this stream are having a full-time position on a temporary work-permit in a field not requiring intensive training or further studies. The choices are construction, hospitality, industrial work or similar sectors. Proficiency in English/French is mandatory because the roles involve interaction with customers.

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