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IRCC has revealed news benefiting sponsored spouses and common-law partners of Canadian citizens and Canada PR by Canadian Work Permit. Furthermore, it has extended the Canada Open Work Pilot until 31 July 2020. This extension will permit applicants to do work in a free manner, in the country until they acquire their own permanent residence.

Spousal Sponsorship

The idea central to the Spousal/Common-Law Partner sponsorship program is to keep families together. Additionally, this sponsorship program allows the persons who have already entered Canada through immigration and also the Canadian citizens to sponsor their spouses/common-law partners to seek their permanent residency.

The requirements which the sponsors also have to meet are:

Sponsor’s need to:

Have an age of more than 18 years;

Being  a PR or citizen of Canada;

Not  receiving social assistance except for a disability;

A Proof that they can provide all the basic needs for themselves and whoever they sponsor; and

Be living inside of Canada while the sponsored spouse/common-law partner to become a PR

The conditions
In the case of sponsoring the person, one marries the marriage has to be legally valid and civil. This marriage must happen in Canada after following all the legal processes. In case it happens outside Canada, it must have legal recognition in the country of its happening. The rules regarding sponsoring a common-law partner are simple. You need to prove that you and the partner lived or used to live together for 12 months in a relationship similar to a marriage.
Easy to get PR
Furthermore, the procedure of sponsoring a spouse for PR makes it easy for them to get PR, in comparison to applying for PR and adding them in the r application. While applying for sponsorship of spouse you can also apply to seek the work permit simultaneously.

Open Work Permit Pilot

This is a work permit Canada that is specifically available to spouses and common-law partners who currently live in Canada and are being sponsored for PR by using the Spousal and Common-Law Partner sponsorship program. Furthermore, this work permit is not job specific. The person is free to work in any location in Canada and for any employer. The only exemptions are childcare and healthcare sectors which require the medical clearance. The aim of introducing this permit was extending help in the integration of families in Canadian life on arriving in Canada. Both parties can work and live together, and also settle in the country easily.

Meeting certain criteria:

Meet the following criteria to have a successful application:

You must submit a PR application through the Spousal and Common-Law Partner sponsorship program, and it must be currently in process or IRCC must receive it.

The spouse/common-law partner must be a citizen or PR of Canada and must submit the application on your behalf.

Moreover, You and the sponsoring person must reside at the same address.

Having a valid temporary resident status in Canada or restoring the status in case of expiry. Also, Submit the application to restore status along with PR application.

Applying For the Open Work Permit Pilot
There are three scenarios.
  1. – In case of not submitting the PR application, you have to submit your work permit application simultaneously with sponsorship application.
  2. – In case of not submitting the PR application, you can apply for open work permit separately.
  3. In case of already receiving the PR approval but not passing the background checks, you can apply online and seek the Open Permit.
Having a Canadian work permit previously, you must apply for an extension using the pilot program before its expiry.

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