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IRCC has announced regarding the changes to the Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permit requirements. International graduates now get a period of 180 days for applying to this Program.  Additionally, there is no need to possess a valid study permit for applying. The aim of these changes is to help the persons who wish to stay in the country after completing their graduation to find work.  Furthermore the candidates must first acquire a study permit in Canada before applying for the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Effect of Changes

These changes to the Canada Work Permit make it easy for candidates to find work in Canada after completing their graduation. There are 180 Days to submit the Application. Previously it was just 90 days.  Moreover there is no requirement of Study Permit. Now, the requirement is to possess the valid study permit at some point in the last 180 days prior to submitting the application. To Study in Canada, possessing the study permit is compulsory. This is valid for the duration of the course. With the new requirement, students now have more time to collect all the documentation for PGWP application. The IRCC believes that the changes will help all global students to stay in Canada and contribute to its workforce.

Applying for the Canada Work Permit

The Canada Work Permit is open and also gives the freedom to work anywhere for any employer. This also serves as a way to earn valuable work experience in the country. Additionally, the Canadian Experience Class helps the candidates who have sufficient work experience in Canada to get the PR in the country. The Canadian immigration is also a means to impress future employers. The Post-Graduation Work Permit does not require a job offer for applying. Moreover, six months are sufficient to find work in Canada easily.

Requirements for the Post-Graduation Work Permit

  • Applicants must be older than 18 years.
  • Completing a full-time study program of 8 months duration
  • Completing and passing program requirements and a document from the educational institution of study
  • Graduating from a recognized post-secondary institution
  • Applying for the permit in 180 days after receiving graduation notice
  • Possession of a valid study permit during the last 180 days
Reasons for Studying in Canada Studying in Canada helps a person to immigrate to Canada and also count towards citizenship application. Canada has the best universities in the world, which figure among the top 50 Universities in the world. Finally, it is cheaper in comparison to other international destinations Canadian education is a boon and you can make a good future through it.

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