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Canada has a great reputation and is among the most desired destinations for global students. The academic life is rich in this multicultural country, where the tuition fee is affordable, and education is top quality. Moreover, the international students here can benefit from work and become a Canadian Permanent Resident after completing the graduation. They can obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit for three years after completing the graduation. Additionally, a Canadian degree awards precious points in different immigration programs. Canada offers federal and provincial immigration opportunities to its graduate students. Some provinces have initiatives with a focus on employment.

An Opportunity to Immigrate After Graduation Post-Graduation Work Permit
These are the norms for Working after graduation and qualifying for a PG Work Permit, to follow:
  • A continuous study of full time in Canada and completing a study program of eight months.
  • Graduating from a recognized Canadian educational institution
  • Applying for a work permit in 90 days after receiving confirmation in writing from an institution to indicate meeting all the requirements to complete the academic program.
  • Completing and passing the study program also and receiving notification regarding eligibility to get certificate / degree or a diploma and finally,
  • Having a valid study permit while applying for the work permit.
The Canadian Experience Class permits temporary workers who gain one year of Canada work experience to seek permanent residency. Furthermore, the international students who possess a PG Work Permit are also eligible. The qualifying norms for recent graduates in the CEC are:
  • Planning to live outside Quebec province.
  • Having 12 months of full-time occupation in the NOC 0, A/B level in Canada in the three years before applying.
  • Gaining experience while working legally in the country after graduation and finally,
  • Moreover, meeting the necessary language levels for the job for each ability (speaking, listening writing, and reading,).
Moreover after gaining work experience after graduation candidates cannot include work while being a student.
There are several provincial immigration categories for new immigrants in Canada. These provinces have specific programs for students who graduate.
  • British Columbia,
  • Alberta,
  • Newfoundland and Labrador,
  • Prince Edward Island,
  • Ontario,
  • Quebec,
All candidates also require a permanent job offer from an employer to submit an application in a PNP. Additionally, there is a huge opportunity for the candidates who lived in the Atlantic province for 16 months prior to completing studies. They can also submit an application under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot to migrate to these provinces of Atlantic Canada
  • Nova Scotia,
  • New Brunswick,
  • PEI,
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
This Pilot also has a focus on employers in which selected employers can offer jobs to skilled overseas workers /recent graduates. Canadian employers look for qualified English-speaking workers who intend to immigrate to Canada while working temporarily.  Please contact us for future guidance.

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