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Healthcare Professionals can have a Shortcut in Canadian Immigration. Presently Canada has a huge demand for nurses, doctors, physicians and specialists for filling up the quotas of programs involving skilled workers and healthcare professionals. Its immigration is popular and the federal government has made public a plan to introduce a million foreign workers into the workforce in the subsequent three years. Work as a healthcare professional can earn a person an amount in the range between $271, 000 (for family doctors) and $446, 000 (for specialist surgeons). Moreover, this is sufficient to provide a good standard of living. The level of care by the state is of the top order and also the working conditions are better. The national healthcare system has generous funding. Here we present the immigration shortcuts available in Canada for healthcare professionals.

Express Entry System

The Express Entry system was started in 2015, to provide quick processing of applications. The categories in it were
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class, and finally
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
These programs strengthen the economy with the services of skilled workers. There are streams found in the Provincial Nominee Programs existing in the Express Entry system, with a link to a province. The first step to enter the EE pool as healthcare professionals is to first create an online profile. This profile gets a score as per the Comprehensive Ranking System which provides the criteria to award points. One can update the profile at any time during the process which normally takes 6 months. These points form the basis of a draw held every two weeks. The successful candidates get the ITA to seek permanent residence.

Additional details

All skilled workers having an important qualification and sufficient working experience stand a good chance to get a high score in the CRS. When the studies or work experience happen while living in Canada there are ways to make sure that the score gets a boost. A sure way is obtaining the Provincial Nomination, which adds 600 points to the overall score. This serves as a guarantee to get a place in the draw.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs are managed by the individual provinces in the country. The provinces have a unique list of in-demand occupations. Moreover, they offer specific categories to increase their provincial status. The applicants of a PNP must agree to live and work in a particular province. Furthermore, some of the PNP programs/streams fall under the EE system. There are other ways to apply in programs not having any association with this system that results in getting the ITA for PR. These provinces make specific programs aimed at healthcare professionals and can provide a shortcut to Canadian immigration. The candidates are not grouped together, with each skilled profession under a category, which is the outcome for other skilled workers, not existing on the list of top demand occupations. Some programs do not use the CRS score, and certain streams also make an exception because the candidate possesses a specific skill/link to the province.

PNP Streams for Healthcare Professionals

Alberta Alberta Opportunity Stream Express Entry Stream
British Columbia Skills Immigration Program (Healthcare Professional Category) Express Entry Stream
Manitoba Skilled Worker in Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas (Health Occupations in-demand) Express Entry Pathway
New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support Express Entry Labour Market Stream
Newfoundland & Labrador Skilled Worker Category (Occupations in-demand Express Entry Stream
Northwest Territories Employer-driven Program (includes Express Entry pathway)
Nova Scotia Skilled Worker Stream Physician Stream (General/Family/Specialist) 3x Express Entry Streams
Ontario Employer Job Offer Category (Foreign Worker + In-demand Skills Streams) 3x Express Entry Streams
Prince Edward Island Labour Impact Category (Skilled Worker + Critical Worker Streams) Express Entry Program
Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Category (Employment Offer + Occupations in-demand Stream) Saskatchewan Experience Category (Healthcare Professional Stream)
Yukon Skilled Worker Program (In-demand Occupations) Express Entry Program

Express Entry Program

Many programs/streams work having a model of the Expression of Interest system. It requires submitting an interest in a select program before applying. In the case of the EE program, one needs to wait for the province to have an interest in these candidates.  So the Healthcare Professionals can use these immigration shortcuts in Canada. We give all professional help in this process. Please contact us.

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