Canada Work Permits for attracting immigrants

Canada Work Permits for attracting immigrants

Canada presents 70 immigration options today to help in the movement of talented immigrants to the country to pursue work. The initial step in immigration to apply for a Canada Work Permits.

Different types of work permits

The work permits in Canada are based on an occupation and also depend on the reason to enter the country.

Features of the Canadian Work Permit

The Canadian work permit shows:

The employer a person works for;

The type of work to do;

The location of work; and

The time the seeker can legally work here,

Type of Canadian Work Permits

The two categories of work permits in Canada depend upon qualifications and occupations. These are Employer Specific Work Permits and the Open Work Permits.

Features of the Open Work Permit

The Immigration Office issues the open work permit to persons who intend to work for an employer for a certain time.

Moreover it has two subcategories for Open Work Permits (Unrestricted and Restricted). The Unrestricted Permits gives permission to work in any occupation/location, but the Restricted is the opposite. The Restricted Permit allows working in a specific job in Canada.

Visa Programs Using Open Work Permits

The work permits Canada considers:

Temporary Work Permits for Spouses or Partners;

Post Graduation Work Permit;

Temporary Resident Permit;

World Youth Program Permit;

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit;

Regular Open Work Permit; and

Birding Open Work Permit

Canada has numerous visa programs which use Open Work Permits like:

Working Holiday Visa;

Young Professionals Visa;

International Experience Canada;

Federal Skilled Worker Program;

Canadian Experience Class;

Federal Skilled Trades Program;

Provincial Nominee Program; and

International Co-Op Program

The Bridging Open Work Permit

This is special in character and permits working in Canada while waiting for the result of PR application. A person can qualify for this permit if he/she applies in any of these PR programs.

Programs That Let You Apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit:
Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs);
Federal Skilled Trades Class;
Canadian Experience Class;
Caring for Children Class; or
Caring for People with high Medical Needs Class

There are certain requirements to comply. Apply if you are residing in Canada and your work permit is scheduled to expire in four months or if the work-permit is valid. In case there are any employment restrictions on the work permit, one cannot apply for any PNP. Quebec does not offer a Bridging Open Work Permit.

Getting a good Job in Canada

The qualifying norms for a work permit need a job offer from a local employer. Also there is also the need to have a spectacular CV.

Using the Right Job Portal in Canada

There are job websites that you can upload your CV to find a right job. Here we name a few:

Monster is a large recruitment website to help in qualifying job opportunities. The Canadian Job Bank has a flexible design and an option for job alert to notify regarding the recent job postings.

Indeed is Simple to use and with an instant job apply option after uploading the CV.

Eluta is another useful job portal to find the top candidates for Canadian companies.

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