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The Temporary Foreign Worker program provides a great immigration option to many people. It permits persons who are not a Canadian citizen or a PR to take up work in Canada. The positions for such work are those having a labor shortage and or which are not filled up by Canadians.

Changes since creation of Program

At the time of its creation, the program was only attracting agricultural workers and live-in caregivers. There was a gradual expansion and now the program provides an option to many top as well as low skilled positions. The qualifying norms for applicants in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are: Having a job offer from a local employer.  Moreover, the employer offering the temporary position needs to apply for a L.M.I.A to obtain permission from the government for hiring an overseas worker. The Applicant has to be admissible in Canada without having any disqualification in financial, criminal, and medical matters.

Process involved

In order to do a work in Canada persons must submit the application seeking a work permit from Immigration authorities in Canada.  This permit under the program will only be valid for a maximum period of one year. The work will also involve a specific employer.  Owing to this condition the temporary overseas workers can legally work for the designated employer only. The name appears on the work permit and they are not in a position to change that employer. The applicants need to submit their work permit application after having a Job Contract /Employment Offer from a local employer. Moreover there must be a L.M.I.A of the employer.


In case of Quebec employers candidates have to obtain an extra document from the government in Quebec prior to applying seeking the work permit.
A note
Intending applicants should know that the work permit of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program gives no right to a person to get a Canadian permanent residency.   It is possible to become a PR after the expiry of Temporary Foreign Worker Program status through other programs.  They can opt for the Canadian Experience Class or also seek a provincial nomination.  Such workers finally must return to the country of their origin after expiry of work permit. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and speed visa and immigration process.

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