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The requirement of a Canada Provincial Nominee Program is that an applicant has to submit an NOI to a province. Some streams in a few PNPs do not need this step. When an applicant enters the EE Pool, the province invites him/her to seek the provincial nomination.

Fulfilling the requirements

On possessing the necessary skills and experience immigration to Canada becomes easier. Additionally, it is important to enter the Federal Express Entry Pool before any province considers them for Canadian PR. When an applicant meets all the requirements of the stream things are easy. The six Simple Provincial Nominee Program Streams to search in 2019 are:

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP is one of the immigration programs in Canada that help foreigners to get Canadian PR. it is specific to a province-; and every province/territory in Canada has a unique PNP with categories, as well as subcategories, and streams. This specific quality permits provinces/territories to nominate immigration candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience.  PNPs have a stream/category with a link to the Federal EE system. Furthermore, the candidates must meet the requirements of the Federal EE and the province for qualifying to get immigration. On obtaining the provincial nomination, they also add 600 CRS points to the EE profile. Moreover, this serves as a guarantee to get the Invitation for PR in Canada.

Additional details

The provinces have EE streams as a part of the PNP and do not need submitting the NOI to the province. The selection becomes easy. Provinces with immigration streams that do not need an NOI are Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario, and finally PEI.

Nova Scotia

The province is a fine place to settle in Canada.
1 - Labor Market Priorities Stream
The Labor Market Priorities Stream permits the province to reach the EE pool for candidates who possess work experience in a profession needed by  Nova Scotia. After the creation of the stream, Nova Scotia has conducted two searches in the Express Entry. British Columbia also has a popular provincial nominee program.


Alberta is a popular province to immigrate.
2 - Alberta Express Entry Stream
Alberta launched the EE stream in 2018.  This stream searches the EE pool for candidates meeting the needs of the province. This stream has the CRS requirement of 300 marks. Its requirement is that the candidate must work in a profession supporting the economic diversification and development of the province.


Ontario is also a popular destination attracting many newcomers. Moreover, it has invited the highest numbers of immigrants in 2018. It has a diversified PNP and three streams not needing an NOI.
3 - Human Capital Priorities Stream
The HCP stream is successful and has also issued 1,493 NOIs to candidates of the EE pool. They must have a unique background necessary for developing the economy of the province.
4 - French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
It targets such candidates in the EE pool who also speak the French language and possess the necessary skills for the province.
5 - Skilled Trades Stream
This Stream and the Skilled Trades Stream have issued 560 Notifications in 2019.

Prince Edward Island

PEI is a small province but has a sizable presence in immigration in the country. The province also has a flourishing economy and is poised for growth. Additionally, it has a fast-growing immigrant population. 6 - Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream It requires applicants for submitting a Notification to the province. Furthermore, the province uses this stream to find candidates directly from the EE pool. It gets the immigrants to address the unique needs of the province. Every Provincial Stream makes immigration to Canada easier. We are ready to guide you in the process. Please contact us.

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