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The Canada open work permit an overseas national to work in Canada for a specific time. Some such permits restrict the kind of job/place where the overseas national can work. Workers can apply for the Canada open work permit

  • From an area outside Canada,
  • Within Canada and finally,
  • At the Canadian port of entry
Additionally, these permits are issued to certain individuals who have an exemption from the requirement of LMIA.

Eligibility norms

These individuals are eligible to receive the Canada open work permit:
  • Foreign Nationals/Applicants who do not have another means of support,
  • Certain Permanent Residence Applicants in Canada living in Canada,
  • Foreign nationals living in Canada on humanitarian considerations,
  • Participants  in Canada World Youth Program,
  • Participants of International Student/Young Worker Exchange Programs,
  • The members of the family of Military Personnel/Foreign Representatives who have an exemption from the requirement of LMIA,
  • Professional athletes who enter the country and also require other work  for self-support while playing for the Canadian team,
  • Spouses of skilled workers residing in Canada,
  • Spouses of overseas students, and finally,
  • Foreign nationals presently in Canada who possess the work permit that expires soon and who submit an application seeking PR under Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program,  Federal Skilled Trades Program,  and finally in Provincial Nominee Programs. The workers are eligible for this permit when they meet the program requirements

For Foreign citizens

All Foreign citizens who submit a PR application under the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class can get this permit if:
  • They submit a PR Application under the SCLPC class
  • The spouse/partner of the applicant is a citizen or permanent resident in Canada
  • The spouse/partner of the applicant submits a sponsorship application on behalf of the applicant
  • The SCLPC applicant stays at the same address as of the spouse/ sponsor/ partner and finally,
  • The SCLPC applicant has a valid status of the temporary resident as a worker, visitor, or student

The types of Canada Open Work Permits are:

  • Unrestricted open work permits
  • Open work permits having occupation restrictions
Under the former, the foreign national can also work in any post, at any place and for any type of employer. The second category is for eligible workers who succeed in the Medical Examinations for Foreign Worker Applicants (Temporary). The recipients of an Unrestricted permit can also be eligible workers who:
  • Fail in  the medical exam and
  • Have no other means to support or belong to a certain group of PR applicants living in Canada.

Other details

Under Canada Open work permits, having occupation restrictions an eligible person can work for an employer but the job will be specific. The holders of these permits cannot work in health sector jobs.

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