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Canada had a busy schedule for immigration, where the Canada Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs issued nearly 5000 ITAs. It has a goal of attracting a million immigrants in the workforce by 2021. There is a goal of 330, 800 for Canada PR applications in 2019.

3, 350 ITAs in the Express Entry

The EE system issued 14, 500 invitations during the present year. The system allows only 6 months to successful candidates for processing their PR applications. The minimum score in the ranking was 457, increasing from the past draw of January. The figure in the future will be lower because of frequent draws during the year. The government will also attempt to meet the targets. The Process Creating an online profile using the EE system Applying in the • Federal Trades • Federal Skilled Worker and finally • Canadian Experience Class Meeting the program criteria Accumulation of points also to compete with candidates Waiting for the draw held every fortnight or earlier also where high ranking applicants receive ITAs for PR Provincial Nominee Programs Issue 1400 Invitations
1 - Nova Scotia
On Feb 19th, there was an Entrepreneur Stream draw where candidates received 22 ITAs with a minimum of 112 points. Moreover, the stream caters to the applicants with senior management or business ownership experience. Its Process is as under: • Submitting the Expression of Interest • Receiving an ITA • Also attending an interview for a Business Performance Agreement • Establishing yourself in the province through the work permit (temporary). • After meeting the criteria in full you can request for a Provincial Nomination. • After receiving nominated you get the invitation to seek permanent residence. Its Requirements are: • Age of or above 21 years • The net worth of $600, 000 • An investment in commencing /buying a local business or five years of experience as a senior business manager • A minimum score of 5 in a language on the CLB measuring the proficiency in English/French
2 - Manitoba
The province has a number of streams in which candidates submit the applications to get the ITA. On Feb 15th: • Skilled Workers Overseas Program issued 22 invites to candidates belonging to the Strategic Recruitment Stream with a score of 726. • Also, the Skilled Workers in Manitoba issued 120 invitations with a minimum score of 574 • The International Education Stream programs issued 34 invitations Again On 15th and 21st February, the HCP Stream issued 338 invitations with a score of 566. The Process • Submitting the Expression of Interest • Meeting the criteria in addition to getting a commensurate score • Waiting to get an invitation for submitting the application for Provincial Nomination. After achieving success in nomination, the candidates need to make a separate application to the Government seeking permanent residence. The pathways for International Education Stream: • Graduate Internship Pathway • Career Employment Pathway and finally, • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot
3 - Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan also issued many ITAs in Feb 2019 On Feb 27th, Saskatchewan issued 83 ITA to applicants appearing in the International Skilled Workers category. Moreover, it has a link with the EE. The minimum score here is 60 and the lowest ranking candidate received 68 points The Process Creating an online profile through the EE system Meeting the criteria for the EE programs • Federal Trades • Federal Skilled Worker, • Canadian Experience Class and finally • The International Skilled Worker Subcategory in the PNP Submitting the Expression of Interest Waiting for success in nomination Waiting for the EE draw for an ITA to seek the PR
4 - Prince Edward Island
PEI adopts the EOI System, where candidates create an EOI profile while being in the EE pool. P.E.I. issued 29 ITA on February 21st, in the Business Impact Category with a minimum score of 117. It also issued 170 ITAs in the Labor Impact Category The Process • Submitting an EOI • Increasing the score depending on this points-grid which measures eligibility • Preparing your application as well as relevant documents • Waiting for the ITA • Submitting a nomination application and finally • Receiving the provincial nomination and creating a separate PR application The Labor Impact Category is made up of the following streams: • Skilled Worker Stream • International Graduate Stream and finally, • Critical Worker Stream
5 - British Columbia
BC Province had a focus on Tech Pilot immigration scheme. It calls for applications of professionals in the technical industries. The breakup of ITAs: Feb 5 - 32 February 12 -308 Feb 19 - 28 The programs were: • EE System • Skilled Worker Stream • Skills Immigration System • International Graduate Stream • Skilled Worker Stream • It also has Entry Level and Semi-skilled Stream, and finally • International Graduate Stream The Process of a Tech Pilot • Lookout for one of the 29 occupations on the Tech Pilot list, • Registering the profile online with the EE/Skills Immigration systems, and also selecting a favorite stream • Waiting for a draw • Completing the online profile and finally • Waiting for the EE/PNP draw for creating the separate PR application
6 - Ontario
Ontario has adopted the Notification of Interest basis. On February 1st, it issued 20 Invitations and again on Feb 7th, there were 61 ITAs, for the French-speaking Skilled Worker Stream linked to the EE System. The Process • Creating the online profile in the EE system in the FSWP or in the CEC • Meeting the Express Entry criteria and also of the FSSWP Waiting for provincial NOI • Applying for the Nomination from the province under FSSWP • Waiting for invitation seeking permanent residence Additionally, Immigration is a process requiring plenty of documentation, and a proper understanding of various programs, besides the knowledge of immigration policy of the country.

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