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Canada Express Entry Draw Invites Candidates with a low score of 288


Using the Program-specific draw for the first time since November 2017, on May 30, the Canadian Government  has issued 700 ITAs to Express Entry candidates. The candidates received 500 ITAs in the Federal Skilled Trades Class only. The lowest CRS score for them was 288. Such Express Entry candidates who get the nomination by using the PNP received 200 ITAs. The minimum CRS score for them was 902. Additionally, these candidates get extra 600 points, in their CRS score, which is the reason for a high cut-off score.

A candidate who enters the pool,  having a CRS score of 300, and obtains a nomination later, from a province in Canada, totally gets a CRS score of 900.

The Tie-Break Procedure

IRCC adopted the tie-break procedure in both these cases for the PNP and the FSTC candidates, the date and time of the tie-break was May 30, 2018 at 14:52:06 UTC. Thus the candidates who had a CRS score which was above 288 or 902, and also the candidates with these scores, who submitted their profiles before the schedule date and time, successfully received an ITA in this round.

Counting this draw, the total ITAs issued in the present year is 32,200.

Program-specific draws are rare

Invitation rounds for a specific Program are not in use normally in the EE draws. Usually there are many candidates from all programs of the Canada Express Entry system.

The previous instance when such specific draw was held was on Nov 1st, 2017. In that draw, the minimum CRS score was 241. It is good when the draws are frequent and when the CRS score is low as it was today; many aspirants realize their dream of reaching Canada.

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