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Australian Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

The Department of Home Affairs Australia had announced the changes to the employer-sponsored 457 Visa in 2017. Those changes have finally come into effect on March 18th, 2018. The Employer-Sponsored 457 Visa was 20 years old. It has seen several changes in the past and has now been terminated finally. A new visa-Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa Subclass 482 has been started now.

What Is TSS Visa?

The TSS Visa has 2 main streams, Short Term Stream and Medium Term Stream. Moreover, there is a Labour Agreement Stream for special cases. The visa applicant can remain inside or outside Australia. We enclose a snapshot of Short and Medium-Term Stream of this Visa (Subclass 482)
Short-Term Stream Medium Term Stream
It is Valid for 2 years unless the International Trade Obligation  is applied It is Valid for four years
The Visa Fees is $1150 The Visa Fees is $2400
Occupations listed on STSOL will be applicable Occupations listed on MLTSSL will be applicable
It can be renewed only once onshore It can be renewed any number of times onshore
The English Language norm is  5 Bands Overall with minimum 4.5 each The English Language norm is  5 Bands Overall with minimum 5 each
Mandatory work experience norm is 2 years that is relevant to the nominated occupation Mandatory work experience norm is 2 years relevant to the nominated occupation
Set Labour Market Testing Set Labour Market Testing
Police Clearance is required Police Clearance is required
Non-discriminatory workforce test Non-discriminatory workforce test
The employer must compulsorily contribute to Skilling Australians Fund For business having turnover < 10 million AUD: Training Levy 1200 AUD for each applicant For business having turnover > 10 million AUD: Training Levy 1800 AUD for each applicant The employer must compulsorily contribute to Skilling Australians Fund For business having turnover < 10 million AUD: Training Levy 1200 AUD for each applicant For business having turnover > 10 million AUD: Training Levy 1800 AUD for each applicant
There is No age limit There is No age limit
There is No Permanent Residency pathway There is a Permanent Residency pathway which will open after 3 years
Labor Agreement Stream The employer is in a position to sponsor applicants as foreign workers under Labor Agreement Stream. They must have a labor agreement issued by the government in Australia. Moreover, they need to prove that the need for a job has not been fulfilled in the labor market of the country. Presently, there is a great need to hire them. Notably, the visa fee is high, and the employer must pay training levy on an annual basis to hire an overseas worker compulsorily. In the event of a company hiring by using the permanent schemes similar to regional sponsorship or employer nomination, they need to pay the training levy. This levy is, 3000 AUD for business which has a turnover of less than 10 million AUD. It is, 5000 AUD for business which has a turnover of more than 10 million AUD. There is no clarification regarding the introduction of SAF officially. Hence the training benchmarks will not be necessary.

What are the Work Experience Requirements for TSS Visa?

A proof regarding work experience of full time, for two years in the nominated occupations or in an associated field is mandatory. This can be undertaken during the past 5 years. There is flexibility for a few industries:
  • Where the work experience is gained through Research for Masters and Ph.D. in medical and research occupations,
  • Clinical internships and Placements,
  • Professional Year Program,
  • Part-time work will get a consideration of relevant skills

What are the features of Standard Business Sponsorship?

When a candidate gets the Standard Business Sponsorship they can use it to apply for Visa application and TSS nominations.

What is the process to Assess Australia Market Salary Rate?

In comparison to the 457 visa, there are a few changes to the market rate salary. In this Visa, the Annual MS Rate should be equal to the Income Threshold of Temporary Skilled Migration for the occupation, to which the application is sent. Only the Minister can waive this rule. Presently, the threshold is $53,900.

What are the important obligations of a sponsor for TSS Nomination?

The important features which should be specified in the nomination are the location and period of the occupation. A sponsor needs to pay the nomination fees and follow all the relevant laws.

What are the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria?

GTE is applicable
  • to STSOL occupations.
  • in cases, where, the applicant is living in the country by using temporary visa for 4 years.
  • when the applicant is seeking a renewal of the short-term TSS Visa and applying for a visa for the second time.
Furthermore, these conditions are applied to every applicant of TSS Visa: Condition 8607, Condition 8501 (A mandatory Health Insurance), and Condition 8303

Condition 8607 and the ways it impacts on a TSS Visa applicant

  • An applicant has to start work within 90 days of receiving the visa
  • He/she has to Work with an approved sponsor for 60 days uninterruptedly
  • He/she has to get an obligatory license, membership or registration.
When the applicant wishes to change the sponsor or employer, he/she must seek a sponsorship from a new employer and also seek a fresh nomination.

What are the Effects of TSS Visa?

Owing to this visa, the number of PR Visas in the employer-sponsored category will go down in a big way. The employer and the applicants will be affected. Moreover, the foreign students will have a less chance to get PR when they apply for this visa.

In what way does it affect the applicants?

Many foreign graduates will not be eligible to apply for this visa because there is a mandatory requirement of 2 years’ full-time work experience. Furthermore, there must be a positive skill assessment.The foreign applicants have a better chance to get this visa when they have adequate and relevant work experience and manage to get an encouraging skill assessment.

How does it affect the Employers?

Attracting the best international talents is a huge challenge for the start-ups. They will face a loss here. In their case, the funds are tough to get, and they have to give their best in the competitive market. In such circumstances, selecting talents to work for start-ups is difficult. They also have to bear the annual training cost and fee. Consequently, hiring skilled talent in the tech and management spheres will be costly. It will directly hit the business growth. Additionally, the limited pathways to PR will decrease the interest to apply for the open positions of STSOL. The presence of many qualifications for the employers will have a discouraging effect.

What is the Processing Time?

It will be similar to the 457 visa. Moreover, it will depend on the number of visas to process, the status of the sponsors,  and the occupation of an applicant. Additionally, the location of the sponsor, processing time needed for sponsorship will also affect the outcome.

The transition from 457 to TSS

The TSS Visa will also affect the Employer Nomination Subclass 186 Visa and Regional Sponsored Migration Subclass 187 Visa. Accordingly, we can say that the TSS Visa and its structure will have a big impact, Firstly, on the applicants and secondly on the Australia market. The applicants must seek professional advice. This will lead to the right decision and ensure a bright career.

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